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having to shoulder part? reporting live jade hernandez. >>> president obama is waking up here in the bay area this morning. that is following his meeting with a small elite group official can business leaders. ktvu news got a look at the motorcade. the private 90 minute dinner was at the home of john door. >> i think it's always good for the president to go out into the nation rather than bring people into the white house. >> a small group of demonstrators were along the motorcade route. they were protesting against smart meters. those attending include apple steve jobs facebook mark zuckerberg and google executive. >>> earlier several well known bay area politicians were there to greet president obama when air force one touched down at sfo. president will leave sfo at 8:45 this morning for hillsborough, oregon where he will tour the intel plant with the company ceo. >>> this morning highway 29 remains closed because of snow. the chp decided to shut down the road following a large number of spinouts and crashes. heavy rain also caused problems in mill valley where the parking lot flooded
mubarak out of office. president mubarak's latest refusal to step down surprised the obama administration. they indicated they expected his resignation yesterday. after he said he would not leave office, president obama released a lengthy statement saying in part the egyptian people have made it clear that there is no going back on the way things were. egypt has changed and its future is in the hands of the people. >>> this morning ac transit bulls will have an escort in one neighborhood. the bus drivers refuse to drive through the area without protection after that terrible shooting. gunfire riddled one bus. they say violence is a constant problem in this neighborhood and sometimes armed young men take over the bus. >> they will get over a bus and show the operator they have a gun. and depending on what they want to do, they just have their way. sheriffs deputies has agreed to follow the buses through the troubled neighborhood. these shadow patrols are somewhat shaky. the deputies could be dispatched to another call at one time. >>> one lane of southbound 101 in redwood city is still clo
. temperatures every 30,40s and 50s. >> it sounds nice. >>> a repeal of president obama's health care reform bill could go to senate today. it is not expected to get enough support in the senate. the health care law is estimated to extend coverage to more than $30 million uninsured americans. it targets insurance industry abuses. >>> charlotte, north carolina will be the host city for the democratic parties national convention in 2012. president obama is seeking reelection that year. considerates say the location of the convention indicates they will been competitive in the south. republicans will hold their convention in tampa, florida. >>> a san francisco retailer will be arraigned today in connection with the fatal shooting of two rival store workers in fisherman's wharf. 56-year-old hong is charged with two counts of murder. it stemmed from an argument over counterfeit merchandise. >>> san jose has a new police chief this morning. the city council unanimously approved chris young. he plans to bring many changes to the city. that includes a community advisory board with critics and friends of
highway patrol are now investigating new graffiti threatening president obama and governor jerry brown. the messages were found on a wall in santa ana in orange county. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. >>> smokers in honduras could be arrested for lighting up at home. a new law took effect on monday banning smoking in public and private spaces. it doesn't outlaw smoking inside the home but it does allow people to file a complaint about second home smoke. it will be almost impossible to enforce in a country of 8 million people. >>> time now is 4:53. we need to go back over to sal. how is the commute? >> so for it's good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have here. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive heading south there are no major problem there is. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are driving o
to maintain the momentum in the 15th day of protest. the obama administration says it's not endorsing the demand from protestors for president mubarak to leave office immediately. the resignation of president mubarak would trigger an election in 60 days well before the scheduled september elections and the white house says that is not enough time to prepare. >>> some egyptian protestors are calling on a google executive released yesterday. why he cried during his first television interview after being released. he said he was blindfolded during the 12 days he was detained but not mistreated. he says he is not a hero just someone using a keyboard. he says he is an administrator of a facebook page used to start the protest. >>> it's an update to a story we first showed you yesterday morning. fire investigators say rags and deck staining chemicals ignited the fire. >>> california could take a major step toward resuming executions at san quentin. the federal judge that halted the executions will reopen it. they spent $900,000 to update the room. >> only 2% of murder suspects even rise to
been chanting down with america. they are disappointed despite president obama's tough comments last week. the u.s. has signed on to the idea of a gradual transition lead by egypts new vice president. the protestors don't like the vice president and they continue to insist that president mubarak step down immediately. >>> there are reports that a google executive whom disappeared more than a week ago in egypt will be released by egyptian authorities within the next two hours. why he had googling marketing efforts. he is one of the administrators of a facebook page that organized the antigovernment protest. his family hasn't heard from him since january 27th. initially the egyptian government would not acknowledge they arrested him. but yesterday a spokesperson said he would be released by 4:00 that is 6:00 a.m. our time. >>> in iran it is day two of the trial of three uc berkeley graduates charged with spying. shane bower and josh fatal entered not guilty charges. >> you know it's really in the hands of i would say the president and the judiciary there. i think will play this out as
. the americans identities have not been released. >>> today president obama meets with u.n. secretary general at the white house to discuss the political uprising in libya. hillary clinton is meeting with european foreign members in switzerland. one idea being discussed is a no fly zone over libya. >>> and in libyanty government demonstrators have taken over a city 45 miles from the city of tripoli. that's after government switch sides and joined the protestors. >>> gas prices jumped nearly 20 cents a gallon with premium gas selling more than $4 a gallon. that is hurting us in two ways. the first directly. some say it's making it so difficult to make ends meet they will have to make budget cuts anywhere they can. >> $3.85 a gallon. it's way too high. we can't afford it. >> what will you do? >> the other product is cost of foods. >>> new zealand prime minister says the earthquake that hit could cost the country $15 billion. he announced measures worth $90 million to help pay the people in christchurch that are unable to work. it killed 148 people and destroyed or damaged one-third of the build
. pam. >>> thank you, steve. president obama is coming to the bay area tomorrow with a one-day visit with business leaders. he is reportedly looking for support for his newly released budget which includes significant funding for research and development. president is scheduled to land at sfo tomorrow evening and leave on friday morning. further details are being kept confidential for security reasons. >>> boeing airplanes are expected to be back in the air tonight. they were ground to perform maintenance check. one of the planes was at san francisco international airport. united said the computers are fully functional. >>> international journalist laura logan is back in the u.s. recovering from the hospital after a brutal sexual assault. networks say the attack happened on sunday after hundreds were celebrating the resignation in cairo. the journalist became separated from her crew and was sexually assaulted and beaten by an angry mob. she was finally rescued by a group of women and 20 soldiers. we hear she is in the hospital recovering here in the u.s.. >>> strangers until a terrif
prayers. i want president mubarak to step down today. reportedly the obama administration is in talks with the immediate resignation of mubarak and the formation of an interim government. yesterday gangs of pro government launched attacks on foreign reporters. four washington post journalists were detained and many other reporters were chased and had their equipment stolen or smashed. in an interview on state tv egypt's vice president says he blames the international media for intensifying the use against the nation and sending in enemy spirit. >>> we have a new update on the violence. students are camping out to put pressure on the american government to with hold any aid for president mubarak. we checked in with one of the protestors overnight. he said after midnight police told them to leave the camp site. but they do plan to return this morning. >>> in fremont this morning students in mission san jose high school will hold a demonstration. from 7:00 to 7:30 this morning students will stand on mission boulevard encouraging people to honk for peace in egypt. >>> officers from severa
. >>> thank you, steve. the obama administration is vowing to appeal the ruling by a federal judge in florida that the health care reform law is unconstitutional. the judge ruled that congress exceeded its authority by requiring nearly all americans to carry health insurance. so far four federal courts have ruled on the law. two have ruled for it and two against. the case is expected to work its way to the supreme court. >>> also this morning, nurses and patients will rally against a large insurance company's plan to increase rates. the group is scheduled to meet outside blue shield san francisco headquarters on beal street at 11:00 this morning. among the things they are demanding is that the company's ceo reveal his salary if the company goes forward with its planned 59% rate hike. the group says most other insurers already reveal that type of information. >>> well, today san francisco will take the first step towards becoming the first city in the country to ban the yellow pages unless they are requested. 1.5million of the thick books are dropped off at homes and offices in the city. board
one week to appeal the ruling. >>> president obama is thanking the mexican government for capturing six suspects in the killing of a u.s. border patrol agent. the men are all alleged members of a dangerous drug cartel. they are accused of taking part in fatally shooting agent and injuring his partner during an ambush last week. they tell authorities the attack was a mistake and they mistook the officer's suv for one used by a rival drug cartel. >>> the justice department is taking on big tobacco today. it is asking a federal judge to force cigarette makers to come clean and admit that they lied about the dangers of smoking. the department also wants tobacco companies to be required to make corrective statements that would appear in magazines and on cigarette packs. phillip morris, the largest tobacco company in the u.s. says it will fight back. >>> san jose leaders are considering a change to the name of the biggest airport in the south bay. special committee proposes making it norman y. san jose silicon valley international airport. quite a mouthful. but the panel says adding the p
a break sunday and also monday. >>> all right. thank you, steve. president obama is due to arrive this evening for a one day visit to the bay area. he will meet with silicon valley leaders at a private dinner in san francisco tonight. the white house says the president will focus on promoting american innovation, education and clean energy. but some analysts say he is also trying to rally support for his recently released budget. among the executives due to meet with the president, facebook ceo and apple's steve jobs. >>> on capitol hill today the house begins a third day of debate on cutting billions of dollars from this year's spending bill. house republicans want to cut $61 billion from government agencies for the remaining seven months of the fiscal year that ends october 1st. so far the only thing democrats and republicans have been able to agree on is counseling $450 million for an alternative engine for the pentagon's next generation fighter jet. >>> a close friend of congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she can now respond to questions, laugh at jokes and recognize visito
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12